The Power of Visualization

Personal development

I would like to shed some light on the power of visualization.

This is the art of using your imagination to stretch your mind to tap into your creative mental faculties. Some of the greatest inventors in history have used this technique to create some of the most amazing things we enjoy today like the phone, automobile and air plane. These physical things once only existed as a non-physical idea, an image that came across the screen of their mind because they saw something they wanted to do. It was also not yet possible! Once they made a decision to try to make that idea a reality, they got the gears of energy transmutation working. They became aware of how to build it and the tool action and eventually perfected it.

We are constantly doing this process but likely for things we don’t want. When we worry, have fears or doubts, we are using our imagination to create the image of what we don’t want. Then, we become powerless and immediately begin channeling energy towards it making what we don’t happen actually happen almost every time.

I wanted to draw awareness to how much you do this. As humans we think in pictures. Words heard or said create pictures in our mind (because of cells of recognition) - thousands of them everyday but we don’t entertain them all. But those we do entertain, get attached to, or emotionally involved with start taking energy and those “ideas” create our results or reality. Emotions are just energy in motion, e-motion. Our emotions are a conscious awareness of the dominant vibration or “mood” we are in. We cannot attract positive circumstances if our dominant energy is negative. We do have the ability to shift our energy and thoughts and emotions but not if we are unaware of what’s going on below our awareness (sub-consciously).

95% of our behavior is programmed meaning we act and operate without thinking, or commonly known as ‘by habit’. The habits are controlled by what’s known as a paradigm, a set of ideas that are fixed in our minds that are there because of repetition. And the only way to change them is through emotionalized repetition or sometimes a deeply positive or deeply negative event. This is not an easy process and is the reason why people fail at creating permanent change in their lives.

I want to empower you to use this technique in your favor to truly understand and unleash it’s power.

Many people say they spend a lot of time visualizing or thinking about things they want or even creating vision boards. However, visualization alone does not work to manifest what you want. For example if you want to manifest a perfect body you can picture it all you want but if you don’t have the subconscious programs to support this and the habits to get you to that destination then you will continue to self-sabotage. You will repeat the behaviors that bring you to your current self because that’s the tape recorder, that’s the program and your subconscious mind knows no other way. This is that part of the mind that controls the 95% of your thoughts and actions.

I work individually with people and if it was simply a matter of telling you in a short article what needs to be done and people could actually successfully do it that would be ideal. The truth is most people have blind spots and they are stuck and struggle. There is a gap between what they know and what they do. This is where it helps to have someone who is an expert at this help you understand it because we can’t be successful at something we don’t understand. If we remain in a state of ignorance but wanting change, that’s the definition of insanity - doing the same thing on the same level of thinking which created the problem and expecting a different result.

The people who actually get what they want and change successfully almost always have expert guidance so they don’t have to do all the guesswork. They can leverage someone who has, someone who knows exactly what to do so as to not waste anymore time or frustration.

Are you struggling or want to be, do or have more and you will do anything to get it? If so I invite you to explore more the power of mentorship. It’s the difference of trying to hack a tree down with a hammer versus a saw. But it’s not only about the tools, it’s the skill and ability of the one using them.

It’s not necessarily the intelligence of a person that determines their success as much as it is their desire to reach their potential and raise their awareness.

Sadly this was not taught in schools. But instead of reading all the books, attending hours of seminars and doing all the trial and error yourself to be successful, why not just work with someone who has done all that and can advise you on what to do and not do?

I help empower people to reach their potential and maximize their success with the same or less effort in a fraction of the time using a proven system built by the most successful leaders in history. Backed by science, this slashes the learning curve, removes the guesswork and literally puts you on the fast track. Let’s see if we are a fit, book a free strategy session today and also be added to my free newsletter. Happy to serve. From my heart, Tara

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