Unlock the power of gratitude Gratitude is like a superpower

Our body’s dominant energy can only be positive or negative at any given time but not both.

And by universal law we can only attract to us what we are in harmony with. So if we are in a negative vibration (our energy) then we will attract negativity like a magnet. Conversely if we are positive, we can attract good things like a magnet.

A lot of times people struggle with switching to a positive if they feel stuck in a negative energy or emotion.

Gratitude is so powerful because it can change your perspective just enough to help sway you back into a positive polarity so you can elevate higher and feel better.

Emotions are just energy in motion. Our vibration is our conscious awareness of the emotions in our body.

When we express gratitude we emit a positive frequency that like an echo finds its way back to us. When we express appreciation for the things we have or those on the way to us, the universe sends us more to be grateful for (and faster!). This is called the spirit of opulence.

Often times we desire to manifest something we focus on the effect not the cause. We focus on the end result and not the process. We go chasing things rather than cultivate the skill of attracting them.

The best way to practice gratitude to transform your life dramatically is to make it a habit.

Habits are deeply ingrained in our programming that we act and operate off of on autopilot until they are replaced or changed.

One habit I’ve found particularly helpful is the art of journaling. Without fail for the last eight years, I have committed to writing one page in the journal where I recite affirmations of what I am grateful for, who I am as my best self, and count my blessings so to speak. This makes me aware of all the things I would likely have taken for granted.

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