Stages of Competence and Results

If you want to get better results in any area of your life, it is very important that you understand paradigms. So to make sure you’re really clear, let’s look at this concept from another perspective—the four stages of competence.

You’ve probably heard of these stages before. They suggest that we are initially unaware of how little we know - unconscious incompetent. Then, as we recognize our incompetence, we begin to consciously learn a skill - conscious incompetence, and consciously use it - conscious competent. Eventually, we can use the skill without having to consciously think it through - unconscious competent. 

Now let’s take a look at each of these stages in relation to paradigms:

Unconscious Incompetence

When it comes to producing the results they want, most people are at the unconscious incompetence stage…

For starters, they’re unaware of the power I talked about in the video. So when this power enters their conscious mind, they automatically build an X idea that is in harmony with their X paradigm. Consequently, they get an X result, which is the type of result they’ve been programmed to get.

Not only do these individuals not know how to get a different result, they aren’t even aware that a different result—a better result—is possible for them. So they go through life thinking things like, “This is just the way it is. I’ll never be wealthy.” And they live out their life controlled by their paradigm.

Conscious Incompetence

Many people who are on the personal development path are at this stage. Now they are aware of the power that is coming in and that they can choose a new idea—a Y idea.

While they may intellectually choose a Y idea, they don’t understand how to “build” it. In other words, they don’t know how to—or they simply don’t—impress the new idea on their subconscious mind. So the paradigm remains unchanged, and even though they want a different result, they stay in an X vibration and continue to get X results.

Conscious Competence

At this stage, individuals understand how to build a Y idea, but they really have to concentrate on impressing it on their subconscious mind. They’re in an uncomfortable vibration because the Y idea is not in harmony with their X paradigm.

They must will themselves to move through the terror barrier, and keep impressing the new idea until it changes their paradigm. Then, the new Y idea in their subconscious mind changes their vibration, which changes their behavior and they finally attract the results they want.

Unconscious Competence

Now, this is where the magic really happens…

These individuals have had so much practice building positive ideas (Y ideas) that it has become “second nature.” And as a result, they able to earn millions of dollars; they maintain healthy bodies, and they develop loving relationships—with seemingly effortless ease.

I hope it’s clear that you absolutely can build Y ideas that change your paradigm and your life forever. But it’s very difficult to do without professional help. If you’d like to finally turn your desires into lasting results, let me help you. 

Reach out to Tara here.

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To your success,

Tara Pilling 


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