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Unlock the power of gratitude Gratitude is like a superpower

Our body’s dominant energy can only be positive or negative at any given time but not both.

And by universal law we can only attract to us what we are in harmony with. So if we are in a negative vibration (our energy) then we will attract negativity like a magnet. Conversely if we are...

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Stages of Competence and Results

If you want to get better results in any area of your life, it is very important that you understand paradigms. So to make sure you’re really clear, let’s look at this concept from another perspective—the four stages of competence.

You’ve probably heard of these stages...

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The Power of Visualization

I would like to shed some light on the power of visualization.

This is the art of using your imagination to stretch your mind to tap into your creative mental faculties. Some of the greatest inventors in history have used this technique to create some of the most amazing things we enjoy today...

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